The Tyranny of Objects

“The Tyranny of Objects”
encourages visitors to take a different look at
the objects that surround them, which may reveal
an unsuspected strength of character. Appliances that
seemed predictably meek and pliable are now hell-bent
on foiling our every plan.
Artists (Alexandre Singh, Didier Faustino,Noam Toran,
Julie Bena, Wesley Meuris, Haegue Yang…) and designers
(Serge Mouille, Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni,
Jurgen Bey, Dunne & Raby…) find themselves imagining
indomitable objects that cast a critical light on
our rational, constraining or downright authoritarian
production patterns. David Dubois’ scenography
underlines this shifting power relation between objects
and their owners.
Having become intelligent and endowed with speech,
these objects draw from a wide array of fields, such
as philosophy, architecture and animation, for a
combination of light-hearted fun and serious critique.
Having spent so much time in the presence of humans,
objects have developed the ability to mimic us.
Now they are truly coming into their own, fomenting
a soft rebellion against the dictates of comfort,
good taste and functionality.

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