Fertile Lands

Curated by Alexandra Fau   « Fertile Lands encourages a reflection on the freedom of artists, their ability to invent a breeding ground for experimentation, yet open nonetheless to outside forces. […]

Invisible architecture? #2

“Invisible Architecture?” at les Moulins de Paillard invites contemporary artists intrigued by the collusion between art and architecture, to create works for a specific site whilst exploring a more intangible […]

Vertigo of Painting

The exhibition Vertigo of Painting allows the full depth of thought to burst forth in a precise gesture. From the infinitesimally small to the infinitesimally large. Looking closely at the […]

Invisible architecture #1?

Omnipresent in visual arts, architecture usually takes a visual shape, model, projection, draft… What happens when it dematerializes itself in order to be heard? Within the sound, the processes live […]

The Tyranny of Objects

“The Tyranny of Objects” encourages visitors to take a different look at the objects that surround them, which may reveal an unsuspected strength of character. Appliances that seemed predictably meek […]

Archaeology, a contemporary myth

“Archaeology, a contemporary myth” offered a daring short cut between 2 opposite disciplines at first sight. It pointed out the question of erasing, obliteration of the past, the lost of […]

Chaos Theory

The history of the French group Electronic Shadow began in 2000. The architect Naziha Mestaoui and the multimedia director Yacine Aït Kaci gathered their talents to express a world without bounders between […]

The contemporary french painting, combinations of history

This exhibition shows a panorama of French painting over the last five decades, from 1960 to the present. Fifty works from 24 artists illustrate the richness and diversity of representation […]


Les artistes Aicha Hamu (née en 1974), Marcelline
 Delbecq (née en 1977), Julien Carryen (né en 1973) et Jochen Dehn (né en 1968), tous imprégnés d’une forte culture cinématographique, sont […]

Subtil Textile

Alexandra Fau has gathered eight artists who present works which were based on the textile material. Subtil Textile is a contemporary art exhibition which intends to give all their due […]